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Effective Pain Relief

Cats and dogs of any age can experience pain and limited mobility due to injury, birth defect, or chronic conditions like arthritis. West Oaks Animal Hospital can help. After a thorough examination and careful diagnosis, Dr. Kottenstette can develop an effective pain management protocol for your cat or dog using a combination of the following treatments:


Nutraceuticals are simply isolated nutrients that have been shown to provide physical benefits or offer protection from (or slow the progression of) chronic diseases. Glucosamine and omega-3 fatty acids are common examples of nutraceuticals that can have a positive impact on arthritis pain and stiffness.


Pharmaceuticals are prescription drugs, and while these often provide the most effective relief for severe pain, these drugs must be used at appropriate doses and under careful monitoring by your veterinarian. Commonly used in short-term situations, such as when your pet is recovering from surgery, these drugs are safe when used as prescribed and will keep your pet comfortable while he or she heals. Whether your pet’s pain is acute (short-lived) or chronic (ongoing), Dr. Kottenstette will thoroughly evaluate your pet’s condition and specific needs before prescribing painkillers.

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Home Modifications

When your pet is in pain, simple home modifications can contribute to your pet’s quality of life. Consider moving the litter box to the floor in your home where your cat spends most of his or her time. Dogs with limited mobility can also benefit from an indoor “potty“ area lined with puppy pads. Ramps or steps to help your pets reach their favorite spots for naptimes can help them maintain their normal routines when they can no longer jump. Orthopedic and appropriately sized beds can also contribute to your pet’s comfort and ability to maintain their body temperatures.

Dr. Kottenstette and the compassionate team at West Oaks Animal Hospital welcome your questions about pain management and will fully discuss your pet’s options with you. Please call us anytime for an appointment or to discuss your pet’s needs.

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to Our Blog!

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