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West Oaks Animal Hospital West Oaks Animal Hospital

Phone: (281) 497‑0430
Address: 2407 Hwy 6 S, Houston, TX 77077

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Quality Surgical Services

West Oaks Animal Hospital offers high-quality surgical services that include spaying and neutering, soft tissue procedures, and minor dental surgeries such as tooth extractions.

We strongly recommend spaying female pets and neutering male pets. Spaying and neutering help control the pet population and may reduce your pet’s chances of contracting certain diseases and cancers.

We also perform soft tissue surgeries, which are simply procedures that do not involve bones or joints. Examples of soft tissue procedures include mass and tumor removal, laceration repair, and abdominal surgeries.

If your pet requires an orthopedic surgery—for instance, to repair a fracture‐we will refer you to a trusted, board-certified veterinary orthopedic surgeon in the area.

At West Oaks Animal Hospital, we will do our best to keep your pet calm and comfortable before, during, and after his or her surgical procedure, and a veterinary technician will monitor your pet’s vitals at all times.

We perform all of our surgeries using top-quality equipment in our sterile surgical suite. We will take great care to ensure that your pet experiences minimal discomfort following his or her procedure, and we will provide you with thorough post-op instructions.

Please contact us to discuss your pet’s condition or if you have any questions at all about our surgical capabilities at West Oaks Animal Hospital.

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Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to West Oaks Animal Hospital’s new blog! Please explore our website while we work on our first post!

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